Monday, June 6

Comit 7"

So a few years back, I wrote this bunch of tunes with the idea of releasing them under my ASC guise, but I ran into the problem that my releases under that name are always slightly behind what I'm currently working on.  This means by the time you've bought the latest 12", I'm already working on the next evolution of the ASC sound.  It hasn't always been this way, but since late 2013, I seem to be breaking new ground and not really hanging about in one spot too much.  This obviously leaves the problem of having a whole bunch of tunes that no longer fit in with the direction of where I see the ASC sound going.

I'd said a while back in a feature for Resident Advisor that I was done with aliases and that I didn't see the point in them anymore.  While that's true for the most part, I felt it necessary to create one for to release a different vibe to the current ASC stuff.  Why not just release it all under one name, you ask?  I could very well do that, but I think that sends the wrong message.  I don't really want people to think, 'He's gone back to this sound' or whatever, when in reality, it might well be a one-off release in a certain vibe.  So that's where Comit comes in.  A new project that I'll use to release a more musical/synth oriented/IDM/whatever.. type of music.  Where it will lead, I'm not sure, so just enjoy the ride for now.

Oh yeah, finally I should just say that Comit should be pronounced (or thought of) like comet, not like commit, if that actually matters at all.

Audio preview:


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Any snipped?

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@khmm - link added

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