Saturday, April 30

Unreleased Mindspan album

While digging through the studio archives late last night, I came upon a concept for a third Mindspan album that I'd put together back in 2012. Due to other projects and time constraints, it kinda got forgotten about and never came out. I decided that I'd set up a new Bandcamp page especially for things like this - i.e self-released stuff not tied to Auxiliary in any way. I plan to use it to release film scores and video game soundtracks that I've done recently too. More news upon release of those specific things, though.

Anyway, if you'd like to support me and buy a copy of this album, it'll be exclusively available at my new Bandcamp page here:

Bookmark the page and/or follow it on Bandcamp, if you do the whole fan page thing to track your music on there.


Anonymous said...

This is excellent!
Thanks James!

Btw: I remember there was a track called "Stadt" a while ago on soundcloud.

The new Bandcamp page you set up would be the perfect place to finally release this beauty, too :-)

ASC said...

@hiddengravity - Thanks. Stadt probably won't ever see light of day, as the mix is terrible and I can't find the project file to redo it sadly. That's why it never came out, as I quite liked it too.

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