Wednesday, January 13


I figured it would be a good idea to get a post down to kick things off for this new year, so here we go.

The last month has kinda been a blur for me, personally.  I had two great projects fall into my lap a few weeks before I was set to go to England, to play a fewl gigs in London/Berlin (more on that later) and visit family.  The first of these is a film which will be shown at this years Sundance Festival.  It's called The Blackout Experiments and it's pretty dark and messed up!  I won't say too much about it, as I feel this is something you gotta sit down and watch and experience.  More info here:

The second project is an upcoming video game, which will be released on Steam later this year.  Again, I can't say too much about it at this stage, but it's gonna be very atmospheric and has a deep emotive story line to drive it.  Expect a deep emotional soundtrack by myself to accompany it.  More news on that as soon as I can divulge it.

Onto the gigs... I don't DJ out much these days, for numerous reasons, but I'm sure glad I took these two offers.  The first of which was with the Northern Electronics crew at Corsica Studios, London.  This was part of Clock Strikes 13's 2 month-long epic event series, that featured some of the biggest and best talent in underground dance music at several venues across London.  We had room two at Corsica and everyone played absolutely incredible sets.  The dancefloor filled up nicely as the night progressed and it was so heartening to see everyone enjoying the Grey Area sounds and our mutated techno rhythms and such. If you came, thank you very much for a great night.  The second was the following weekend in Berlin at Ohm, hosted by Samurai Music.  Billed as an Auxiliary x Samurai Horo night, it was the first time me, Sam, Ena and Presha had all shared the same bill, and again, it was pure vibes until 6am. Once again, thank you if you came and danced and made it a special night for us all, and a special thanks to Ajay and Geoff for their hard work in making these events happen. Two very special gigs that reaffirmed that we really are onto something truly special and unique with our music right now!

Now onto 2016 and Auxiliary and Grey Area label plans.  Well you know by now we like to keep things quiet and not announce too much, so I'll just throw out a few tasters of what's coming up soon.  On pre-order right now, we've got a brand new EP from Sam KDC (AUX012) and the second anonymous Grey Area 12", Volume TwoVolume Three is on test press and Volume Four is being readied this week.  After Sam's EP, will be my most adventurous work yet, entitled The Farthest Reaches.  This will be AUX014 and will be a 2 x 12" affair, due to the length of the tracks - all four pieces are over 10 minutes long each, so that might give you some scope of the type of music to expect here.  Anyway, it's something I'm extremely proud of releasing and can't wait to hear and see peoples reactions to it.  We're expecting test presses soon, so once we've got those approved, pre-orders will appear on the Samurai store before you know it.  Other than that, we'll be dropping Grey Area Podcast Two right around the time of release of Volume Two vinyl/digital, which will be 12th February.  We plan to follow this goal of putting out a new podcast around the time of new releases, so if any of you were wondering about the timing of these, well there you go. 

Of course, we also have a few surprises and other releases we're working on, but you'll find out all about those nearer the time of release.  I hope you all have a fantastic 2016 and here's to another year of Grey Area sounds and truly pushing things forward.



C²³ Camerxn said...

Sounds like awesome things are lined up for 2016!
I really enjoyed the first Grey Area podcast, will the next one also have commentary to go along with it? It was interesting to hear the multiple perspectives on the music.

The Grey Area sound has made me rethink my use of rhythm and structure in songs which is also making me rework other elements. It's refreshing, challenging (sometimes difficult), and fun to write music like this.

Looking forward to hearing The Farthest Reaches and your music for film and games!

ASC said...

@C²³ Camerxn - thanks! The commentary won't be on further mixes, as it was just an introduction to what we're doing with Grey Area, so it's probably not needed for further podcasts. Glad you're enjoying it.

Michal said...

Seems that loads of interesting stuff coming in 2016! Looking forward to hear The Farthest Reaches EP.
Also keep fingers crossed for further Late Night Innominate ambient releases. Besides ASC and Sam KDC, I think that 36 would perfectly fit in with this series.

Vlad Nwave said...

Great things about filmscore works and new releases. Looking forward to listen all this. And small question: Aux013 will be?

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