Friday, July 10


Since it's been a while and I have been kinda neglecting this blog, I figured it might be a good time to let you all know that things are happening and what you can look forward to.

First of all, last week I announced me and Presha were teaming up for a new collaborative record label called Grey Area.  The ethos of the label revolves around the music both myself and Geoff have been pushing with our respective labels.  Geoff spoke at length and gave his thoughts on this so called Grey Area and what he meant by the term over at Tea and Techno.  If you missed that, you can read the whole thing here  There's also a mix to accompany the interview which will give you a fleeting idea of what the project will entail.  First release is under way right now and we'll have more news on it as soon as we have test presses and a release date.

So onto Auxiliary and all it's related labels...  It's been pretty quiet this year, save for Veil/Unveil Issue Three and the vinyl reissue of Kiyoko's Sea Of Trees, so just to whet your appetite, there is another Auxiliary vinyl LP and another Veil 12" in the works right now.  Test presses are due for both very soon, so we'll announce artists/tracks/audio and no doubt pre-order links before you know it.

Auxcast...  it's kinda been put on the backburner for a while, due to the small matter of my album Imagine The Future coming out and various other commitments.  I'm in the process of collecting tracks to put one together very soon, so keep your eyes peeled for that.

What else?  Well there's plenty more, but I don't want to get ahead of myself and reveal too much just yet, as there's nothing worse than waiting for something then to be told it's been delayed and then again and again, so I guess we'll drop it on you nearer the time and there will be surprises galore.  Until then, if you haven't already grabbed yourself the latest Auxiliary releases or even a t-shirt or a hooded top, then head over to our store and grab yourself some presents.

Samurai Music Group - Auxiliary Store

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Michal said...

Exciting news. Both 2015 releases (Veil003 and Imagine The Future) are absolutely top notch.
Is Grey Area going to be a vinyl only label, or there will be a chance to buy Grey Area releases digitally? And as a CD collector, hope that next Auxiliary album will come also on CD (like previous Auxiliary albums).

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