Wednesday, April 15

36 - Deep Space Mix 26

I'm pleased to welcome another guest to the Deep Space Mix series.  No. 26 comes from a UK ambient producer that should need no introduction for those of you heavily into ambient music.  Dennis Huddleston, better known as '36' (pronounced three six) is the man behind this mix.  In true Deep Space fashion, it keeps the beats to a bare minimum and delivers music to drift off to.  Without further ado, go ahead and click the link below.


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Tom A said...

Wonderful mix and great track selection. Thank you!

Coldsweaty said...


blazej tomaszkiewicz said...


Muttley said...

Awesome set. So glad to see DS Series return.

Gustavo Rodriguez said...

I'm a big fan of your website and mixes. One question, do you know where could I get the version included in mix 26 of the song Cascade? I love the amazing piano part that starts playing around 6:15. I bought the CD but this part is not included. I'm not even sure if it is the song Cascade. Please let me know where could I get it. Thanks and great work.

3six Recordings said...

Gustavo: That tune is the one I forgot to include in the tracklisting artwork! It's KVLT - Tom Wingfield from the 2013 album "The Glass Menagerie"

Gustavo said...

Thank you so much for the track and artist’s information.

This is one of my favorite songs.
It brings so many thoughts and feelings of peace, awareness, life, the cosmos, happiness and impermanence.

Already bought the other KLVT album.

Thanks for promoting this kind of music & other artist’s work.
Can’t wait for more of your work and remixes.

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