Wednesday, February 25

So what's happening?

Well, lot's actually!

Auxiliary has been a little quiet the start of the year so far, and that's mainly due to the last 6 weeks being consumed by the small fact of me finishing my first film score of this year.  I'm happy to say I've finished the score for the upcoming film, Bottom Of The World, directed by Richard Sears, who I've worked with before.  Details of release and a possible sound track will be revealed nearer the time.

So yeah... Auxiliary.  The next 12" is ready to drop and we'll be taking pre-orders soon.  At the same time, we plan to offer you t-shirts, hoodies and stickers also.  You may want to put a little bit of money aside for all this Auxiliary goodness - just sayin' ;)  Right around the same time, be on the look out for Auxcast Phase Three - Episode Three.  After this initial batch of gear and music, we'll be following it up with the reissue of the Kiyoko Sea Of Trees album on vinyl.

Lots to look forward to and get excited about.


Matthew Selkirk Key said...

class, I was just wondering when the next Auxcast would drop, nice idea with the Tees :)

Courtney said...

Auxiliary patches would be lovely so I can put it on a black winter hat or beret ♥︎

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