Monday, December 15

Gear Talk #5. Synth Sense / Vermona PERfourMER MkII

(Words by Synth Sense)

We are no strangers to the Vermona company, already owning a Retroverb Lancet (Filter/Spring Reverb) and a DRM1 MKII (analog drum synthesizer). The PERfourMER does what it says on the tin, it performs!

We get a lot of good sounds from our PERfourMER, from warm sounding bass, percussive sounds, bleeps, zaps, drones, noise to weird otherworldly sounds. There's a lot of flexibility to the MKII and its a lot of fun exploring it's features.

This beast of a machine is made up of four monophonic synthesizers. Each synth channel has VCO, VCF and VCA. Each oscillator has the following waveforms. Sine, triangle, square, saw tooth and a noise generator. The filter is a 24 dB Low pass filter with resonance and you also have pulse width modulation on the square wave, LFO and ADSR Section.

You can choose to use the PERfourMER Mkll as a four voice polyphonic analogue synthesizer, on the other hand, it offers four independent synthesizer channels. You have the ability to use each synth channel individually or combined to create some very unique sounds. The four synthesizer channels can be combined in different ways - monophonic, duophonic or polyphonic.

It really is back to basics (in a good way), with knobs for each parameter to give you full hands on control. There are no presets, screens or save function. instead you are forced to create a new sound each time you turn this machine on.  If you like getting your hands dirty this machine is well worth checking out.

If you do want to know more on this synth here's what the guys at Vermona have to say.

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