Thursday, October 2


With the afterglow of Decibel Festival still in my mind, I thought I'd make a quick update post about all things related to myself and Auxiliary, since it's been a minute.  First of all, massive thank you to Decibel Festival for having me out to play two gigs.  It was my first time in Seattle and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it, even if I was totally sleep deprived!  Fantastic venue and fantastic people, who were very professional and accommodating.  I was just checking a recording I made of the set I played for the Silent Season showcase at Level 3 in the EMP Museum and it came out pretty well, so I may put that online sometime soon.  Of course, I'll update the blog and let you all know about it if/when it happens.

So what's next?  From myself, there's the small matter of my next album for Samurai Music, which is titled Imagine The Future.  We're trying to get this out before the end of the year, so hopefully we can still achieve that goal.  The masters have just come back from the 12" that will precede the LP, which will come in the form of a vinyl-only EP for Samurai's Horo imprint.  All four tracks on this are huge personal faves, especially Loophole, so I'm really excited to see this one out soon.

Auxiliary related, Sam KDC is up next on AUX011.  We had a small problem with the test pressing which means the release date has been pushed back from it's original date of October 20th to a new date of October 27th.  This 12" marks a daring new dark take on our signature sound from Sam, taking it into new territories.  Another record that I'm really excited to finally be releasing.

So after that, things are kinda up in the air.  There's plenty of plans but nothing set in stone just yet.  I'd imagine we'll at least get Episode Two of Phase Three out before year end and at a push, Episode Three.  We'll see though.  Until then, keep your eyes and ears primed and ready.


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beechlights said...

Really looking forward to the new album.

Loved ep 1 of phase 3, will be great to hear more.

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