Wednesday, August 27

Nostalgia and its merits

I was finishing off a track earlier today and while it rendered, I had a search through some older work and had a listen.  I tend to always move on to the next project as soon as the current one is done; I never rest on my laurels.  While this is a healthy work ethic for me, I often forget about certain tracks I've finished.  When I say forget, I mean in the sense of remembering a certain emotion they provoke, or how a particular melody line went.  Upon rediscovering some older work, I often find myself questioning it and comparing it recent stuff.  Earlier, I was sat thinking 'Wow! How did I do this?" or "Is my new stuff as good as this was?".  It got me thinking to a piece I read on a similar topic which was written by Brian Eno.  I'll link it here if you'd like to read it.

I imagine this must be a common outlook upon returning to older pieces of work, especially when nostalgia kicks in and you remember a certain time or place that a piece may take you back to.  I agreed with Eno, but I think it was nice to come to the realisation myself, that it's not a bad thing to do this and question yourself in regards to your current work.  If anything, it can only serve as a way of maintaining quality control on your output. 

Anyway, just my incoherent thought for the day :)

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