Sunday, June 1

ASC Ambient LP Trilogy - Digitally available

Silent Season have decided to make my three ambient LP's digitally available. You can now download the trilogy in the choice of your format. Your support is always appreciated!

Here's some links for quick access:


Kx said...

Hi James. Just one more question. Now that your going fully digital and are free of some of the constraints of physical media would you ever consider making available some high resolution FLAC files ? 24/96 maybe ? I just find it hard to believe that i have been listening through hex amped 24/96 digital crossovers for the past 10 years and still rarely find any hi-res material. Especially in the "intelligent" dance music scene. and especially with the groundbreaking music that you are producing.

ASC said...

Well this is the label going digital on just these three releases. Personally, I hate digital - give me a physical product any day of the week! You can get FLAC of these releases when you check out with Bandcamp though.

beechlights said...

It'd be pointless releasing at anything over 16bit/44Khz - see

ASC said...

Great article, thanks

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