Monday, May 5

Auxiliary T-Shirts

Quite a number of you were asking when we'd do a rerun of our first design (black shirt with orange/white logo print) and we're please to announce we're now taking pre-orders for a final run of this design.

If you want to grab one, head over to our Bandcamp store:


justin james said...

"Shipping prices for Rest Of World are estimations taken from USPS international small package first class rate." -

Just wanted to check before I go through the checkout process - Do these ship from the UK? I think you're in California, I don't suppose you're shipping from there at all? (I live in Oakland...)

ASC said...

Yes, shipping from San Diego.

jimmy said...

Just checked back here and cannot believe I missed this post. So excited for a tee. However, the original link is no longer good :(

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