Thursday, April 3

Some music that did it for me last year

I'd totally forgot about doing this until someone mentioned it in the comments recently, so here's a list of stuff that I enjoyed listening to last year.  I'll refrain from listing my own music or anything on Auxiliary or related, as you all know about that.  Hopefully this list will give you a few things you might not have heard of to go and seek out.  So, in no particular order...

Slow Walkers - Slow Walkers LP
Roly Porter - The Lifecycle Of A Massive Star
Tropic Of Cancer - Restless Idylls
Vangelis - Blade Runner OST (Vinyl Reissue)
Reeko w/Architectural - The Blue Album
Paul Jebanasam - Rites
Svreca - For Your Eyes Only
Standish/Carlyon - Deleted Scenes
Positive Centre - An Assembly
Rich Oddie - Against Your Will
Abdulla Rashim - Aksum
E.R.P. - Alsoran (Repress) & Pith

There's some other stuff I'm probably forgetting, but that's a pretty good list.  Happy hunting.


nikolai stapleton said...

You are digging your techno at the moment! Paul Jebanasam is my kind music, cheers for the list.

ASC said...

Pretty much. I listen to techno and ambient the majority of the time.

Olly said...

Your musical tastes seem to have taken a darker perhaps more introverted tone over the past few years of following ASC/Auxiliary (and affiliated work) - I've only heard of a couple of these, will do some more exploring, thanks! PS The Roly Porter album is immense

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