Sunday, March 16


You might have noticed things have been a little quiet so far for myself and the label and for that, I apologise.  No doubt you've all read about my injury problems which meant the tour got shelved, but aside to my ongoing recovery, I've been working on a film score which has been taking up most of my time.  Things are going well with that and looking a bit brighter with the injury recovery, so I'm grateful for that.  Label-wise, we're just about to get things together for the next release, which will be Auxcast Volume Two CD.  Once we've got all that rounded up and sent off for manufacturing, then we'll start looking at what's next for Auxiliary this year.

Other than that, I made an announcement earlier about my next ambient LP, which is forthcoming on Silent Season.  I think it's the next release in production, so perhaps 5-6 weeks? We'll see.  Keeping with the ambient tip, Sam KDC's first solo ambient LP is done and we'll be putting that out within the first half of this year all being well.

Anyway, I won't give too much away just yet, but rest assured, we're gearing back up and things are moving with the label once again.  Keep your eyes on the blog for more info.

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nikolai stapleton said...

Can you or the auxiliary artists do some best/favourite albums of 2013 or a what your listening to atm? last years list introduced me to heaps of good music

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