Friday, October 4

Let's have a round up...

Been a while since an in depth post about what's happening, so what better timing?

As you'll no doubt be aware now, AUX009, AUXWL003 and VEILUN001 are out.  That's my - Programme 01 EP, me & Synth Sense - Reject The System and Veil/Unveil Issue One, for those of you that don't speak catalogue numbers.

So what's next?  Well, plenty of stuff actually.  The first of which will be the second release on DiodeDIODE002 will feature the mercurial talents of the Synth Sense boys. They'll be dropping the tempo from their regular outings to around the 125 mark.  The fantastically titled 'Fragments From an Infinite Sequence' 12" will feature 3 tracks.  First of all is a sprawling 15 min epic entitled Broken Parallels.  This really is something else - a true musical journey from start to finish.  I fully expect people not to get it at first, but those that do will be truly rewarded with perhaps Synth Sense's best work to date.  A bold claim, I know, but I have that much belief in it.  The flip features two more beauties in the form of You and Your Ghost and Sphere Of Influence.  Promo and pre-orders will start on the 11th October, with a release date of the 21st.

After that, we've got two more releases for the rest of the year.  AUX010 will be part two of my Programme EP series, which will feature the following tracks: Stolen Memories, Impasse, Confined Spaces and Polymer.  You have all heard these tunes so far, but probably won't know the names of them yet.  This one has a November 4th release date and pre-orders/promo will start October 25th.

To round things off nicely, we've got Issue Two of our exciting new series - Veil/Unveil.  The second outing will feature another four sublime offerings.  Sam KDC will get the A1 this time with the weighty dub vibes of Ascetic, the A2 will be Symmetry by myself.  AA1 is Trapped Within The Circuit by Synth Sense, which is ridiculous, and rounding things off is a lovely offering from Method One called Under The Same Stars.  Release date for this is November 18th and promo/pre-orders will be on the 8th November.

Back to the present, if you haven't already downloaded my podcast for, you should rectify that straight away.  Here's the download link: DOWNLOAD
It's a 1hr30m snapshot of what's going on right now in whatever this music we do is called.  It showcases what's out, what's coming out very shortly, and what's on the horizon for next year.  I couldn't be prouder of this mix, not just because of the way it came out, but the sheer volume of incredible music involved in it, and 95% of it is ALL either on Auxiliary, or forthcoming.  I should give a special mention to Horo also, as there's a few bits from the excellent Scope compilation on there and a few forthcoming bits on Horo too, which is turning into our unofficial partner label in all things deep and futuristic.

There will be Auxcast:Phase Two Episodes 9 and 10 before the end of the year also.  These will be the final episodes for Phase Two before we come up with our next incarnation to drop on you.  Plans are already in the works and it's shaping up to be very exciting.  More on that later.

So that pretty much rounds things up for now.  Don't forget you can follow us on Twitter, Facebook and all the other usual places.  Just check the links on the left nav panel. 

Until next time, keep it deep.


AMG said...

absolutely loving the news! not sure yet if ill bag DIODE002, but AUX010 and VEILUN002 are the things ill order as fast as possible, as they need to join with their formers Programme 01 and Veil/Unveil 001...

AMG said...

also, found out today that on Programme 01 label there is a quote from THX 1138 - "There has been an accident in Red Sector L 14. Do not abandon your post."

Matt B said...

Really have to hand it to you guys. I don't think I've ever been this hooked on a label before. There are no cliches to be bored of and I never know what to expect next. Each and every release is one to look forward to, and it takes me further and further out into the deep end. It's been a hell of a ride, and doesn't seem like it's stopping anytime soon!

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