Thursday, September 12

Veil/Unveil - Issue One

Our new limited edition vinyl series is here.  Presenting Veil/Unveil.  

A four track/four artist concept series limited to 250 copies each issue.  Issue One features four tracks from ASC, Vaccine, Sam KDC and a collaboration between ASC & Synth Sense.



Pre-orders are available now and will ship Friday Sept 20th for a Monday 23rd release date.  Full release elsewhere is September 30th.  The vinyl will follow in the same tradition as the Symbol series.  Limited to 250 copies, no repress.  Each vinyl will be 80% clear with a 20% tint of the colour for the issue, which in Issue One's case, will be orange.  The vinyl will also come in the new Auxiliary/Veil generic sleeve.

Don't forget, you can also grab yourself a copy of AUX009 - ASC - Programme 01 EP on vinyl and also pre-order AUXWL003 - ASC & Synth Sense - Reject The System here:

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