Thursday, September 5

Reject The System, Reject The System...

The second of our 3 quickfire releases for the month of September is now available to pre-order.  This one comes in the form of a VINYL ONLY release by ASC & Synth Sense.  They join forces for the almost anti-anthem darkness of Reject The System.  Side AA sees ASC go alone for the drugged out Advance and then Suppression sees him join forces with Synth Sense once again.



This comes on an orange 10" 'white label' (shouldn't that be blue label?) with the Auxiliary logo on one side.  This is a vinyl only release.  This means no MP3's will be available for this release before you ask.  The reason for this?  We love vinyl and want to reward our vinyl customers with something special every now and then.  Finally, one other bonus with this is the inclusion of an Auxiliary button badge only when you buy from our Surus store.  Enjoy!

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