Tuesday, August 27

The new vinyl series

We've been dangling the carrot about what's next after Symbol for some time now, so without any further delay, here's what's happening.


The new series will be on our other label, Veil, and will be called Veil/Unveil.  The original plan was for this to be an anonymous series, i.e you would never know who did what track and what the track was called.  It'd be left for the listener to speculate.  After some careful consideration, we decided not to go this route, as the music we have in store really needed to be credited to the artists who had spent the time writing these pieces, as they are just that good!

The format for this series will be different than Symbol, in that each issue will feature four different artists.  Four tracks by four different artists across each issue.  This keeps things varied and strong, as we've been saving some of our best music for this series for a while now, including a whole grip of tracks that many of you have been asking for titles of.

Audio will go up the same time as our Surus store pre-orders go up, which will be September 20th, for a September 30th release date.  We'll fill you in on who's on Issue One closer to the release date and which tunes you can expect to get your grubby mitts on.

Stay tuned for more news.


Anonymous said...

YES! will be getting them as soon as they're up.

Michal said...

Excellent news. Will this series be available digitally as well (as Symbols were)?

ASC said...


Anonymous said...

I hope there's some Central Industrial tunes in there.

Mr.KhoaKaKa said...

This is a nice site. i'm a DJ Viet Nam.

ASC said...

In regards to CI stuff, we'll see what can be worked out

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