Thursday, August 22

AUX009 - ASC - Programme 01 EP

So here it is -  my first solo EP on my own label since 2011.  Not sure if I put out Symbol #1 before AUX003, but those were the last solo EP's I put out on Auxiliary.  Since then, there's been a bunch of collaborations with Synkro and Sam KDC, including an ambient LP with the latter, and then the focus was on my Out Of Sync LP for Samurai in 2012.

The Programme series are extended play 12" releases featuring some of my fave pieces of music I've done over the last year or so.  The majority of you will recognse the tracks if you've been paying close attention to the Auxcast:Phase Two series - actually, Fulcrum and Lone Star were on the first Auxcast also!  Programme 02 will be AUX010 and will be hot on the heels of this.

Anyway, have a listen to the audio below, leave some love on Soundcloud if you're into that, and best of all, if you're feeling it, head on over to our Surus store and pre-order a copy.  Worth noting a few things.  Firstly, it'll be exclusive to Surus from September 2nd to the 9th.  After that, it will be available everywhere else.  Also, this is the first Auxiliary/Veil release to feature our brand new record sleeves.  Nothing fancy, just a nice bright orange sleeve with the Auxiliary logo on one side and the Veil logo on the other.  All our vinyl releases will come in these from now on :)

Release date: September 2nd (Surus) / September 9th (everywhere else)

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