Saturday, June 8

AUXCD006 - Pre-orders and audio!

AUXCD006 - Central Industrial - Tuned To A Dead Channel

Central Industrial is the anonymous alias for a couple of well established producers.  The project was born from their love of 90's IDM and Electronica on such labels as Warp, CCO, Morr Music etc. and a general love for all things science fiction.  There is an underlying 'cyberpunk' theme to the LP, inspired in part by William Gibson's Neuromancer and titles such as Ghost In The Shell .  The title itself comes from the opening paragraph of Neuromancer!  On whole, the LP plays through in a seamlessly dark fashion and ignores all rules and restrictions placed upon music by genres and name tags.

If you are looking for something completely different to sink your teeth into this summer, then this might be that LP to make your jaw drop.




Michal said...

Surus shows "Sold out". Is it really sold out now there? It's been only a few days since release date and I haven't managed to grab a copy yet.

ASC said...

The initial stock sold out pretty fast, but it's been restocked

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