Wednesday, May 29

Central Industrial

A new artist debut for Auxiliary that we are excited about, a lot!  Central Industrial are seasoned producers who cut their teeth with breaks, IDM, ambient and all other late 90's forms of UK underground music.  The William Gibson fans amongst you will recognise the title of the LP from the opening paragraph of Neuromancer.  The book featured as the main focal point of inspiration for the LP.  

Audio will be online 3rd June, pre-order start 7th June, and the full release will be on the 17th on CD & digital.


Thomas Earl said...

Will definitely keep an eye out for this one. Sounds like it could be right up my alley, then again every release has been.

ASC said...

Thanks Thomas

Erik Olson said...

I would like to claim full points for recognizing the William Gibson reference straight off :)

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