Wednesday, May 1

Auxcast:Phase Two - Episode Six



Neuroset Ai said...

Thank you!
Amazing music! )))

tagez said...

Thank you so much!

MPort said...

Can someone ID the tune that starts at 40:30? Beautiful stuff.

de portal said...

Wonderful music, from episode one to last! And can you help me, Mr. ASC? What a tune starts at 05:30 in Method One part? We are looking for a very long time, and we want to know who created this masterpiece.
And I want to say, that we in Russia love and appreciate everything you do. This is very interesting, and it is in my opinion really look into the future of electronic music.
In our social network, we have created a special page, dedicated Auxiliary label, and everything that relates to this. People join and they like it. Thank you for your creativity!
Russian fans club :)

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