Thursday, March 21

Release information

First of all, here's what's coming up on Auxiliary

AUXSYM009 - Symbol #9 by Synth Sense
AUX008 - Sam KDC - The Lunar Seas EP

We're hoping for a mid April release for Symbol #9, now that the test presses have been approved, and possibly about four weeks later for AUX008. After these two, there'll be an EP by myself, AUX009, and then a CD release by Central Industrial for AUXCD006.

Now on to my own stuff.  There's releases on Space Cadets, Halo Cyan and Samurai Red Seal all imminent, and probably in that order.

NASA007 ASC - Flood Tide Rising EP
PHC014 - ASC - Sonic Assault EP
REDSEAL909 - ASC - Polemic / Oracle / 909 Rhythm Track

Because of delays, both the Space Cadets and the Halo Cyan release will be out on the same day - April 15th.  Not ideal, but not much I can do about that.  Hopefully you'll all like them enough to buy both!  As for the Samurai 12", I'm sure you've all heard Polemic by now, as it's getting played by people like dBridge, Fracture, Om Unit, Loxy etc, so that'll probably sell fast.  It'll also be on a really cool looking coloured vinyl as usual.  Oh yeah, there's also the super delayed (from 2011) release for Nu Directions, which will feature the tracks Automaton / You & Me.  Not sure when that'll be out, but hopefully in the next few months.

So after this, my big LP for this year will be a 2xCD ambient release on Silent Season, titled Time Heals All.  I can't wait for this to come out so you can all hear it, as it's a very special and personal LP for meDefinitely some of my fave stuff I've done in this genre. 


Beau Wright said...

Yes Synth Sense!! Also excited to hear this new Central Industries. New Sam KDC always makes happy too. Man this release schedule is too awesome, shaping up to be a great year.

djemptyx said...

Really excited about the 2CD ambient work. The way it is described sounds absolutely intriguing. Simply can't get enough Synth Sense collages, they're most assuredly harbouring new metals and forms for this EP. Sam can do no wrong (I think it's a robot..S.A.M.) so that one is a no-brainer, esp with an interesting EP title like that. Absolutely can't get enough of the quality coming from Space Cadets, another extremely fine label. Always anxious to see what the next EP's artwork will look like as I am the sounds tucked inside. Of course all of these projections look mighty tastey. I'll take one of everything..NOW

Erik Olson said...

Your Silent Season releases have been fantastic, looking forward to the double pack :)

ASC said...

Thanks Erik. Hope you're well!

jimmy said...

Can I simply get a subscription so I don't miss anything ;) Gonna run over to Sam now and ask him the same :)

ASC said...

Thanks for the support, Jimmy!

Lixx said...

Thanks a lot for all the work James. It's amazing! Also just read interview with you on and felt to say THANK YOU. Wish you all the best!

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