Friday, December 14

Auxiliary 2012, a round up

2012 has been an incredible year for all of us involved with Auxiliary. We put out 9 12" vinyl releases, 1 10" vinyl, 4 CD albums, 2 exclusive MP3 releases and even a t-shirt!  Most of all, I'm happy with the small pool of talent I've managed to cultivate for the label.  It's been very gratifying to see new guys like Sam KDC and Synth Sense start getting much deserved recognition because they are seen as integral parts of Auxiliary.  Working with Synkro, Indigo and Bering Strait has also been very fruitful.  From my own collaborations with Synkro, to the Kiyoko project and to Indigo's amazing Symbol offering, Manchester has a wealth of talented producers so it seems, and these three are testament to that.  We also broke RQ, a new talent from New Zealand this year, who also went on to record for N-Type's Terrain label this year, and of course old friend Method One making telling contributions too.

No doubt one of the biggest highlights of the year for me, was working with the legend that is Ulrich Schnauss.  I've been following his music for a long time now, so when we first started talking and it turned out he was a fan of mine and had been following my music for quite some time, things clicked into place nicely, with the 77EP being concrete evidence.  I shouldn't leave out the concept LP by myself and Sam KDC, which opened up a lot of new doors to new listeners.  Decayed Society was another landmark for the label, as it launched our CD series and introduced ambient to fans of the label that might never have not given the genre a chance otherwise.

Next year, we'll diversify even more, introduce new sounds, new series, new one off specials, and generally lot's of exciting projects that we are all happy about.  Of course, you can keep right up to date here.


MPort said...

Any plans to work with Ulrich again in the near future? Was stoked when I heard you two were working on something and 77EP did not disappoint. Also any insight as to what he will be working on next? Would love to see him revisit his Ethereal 77 alias and release a Drum n Bass style album.

Congrats on another successful and productive year both with your own productions and the talent filled auxiliary label artists. Looking forward to great things in 2013.

ASC said...

We've discussed it, so it's definitely possible. Both of us are very busy though, so it'll be dependent on when we can make time for it. He's got a solo LP out early next year.

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