Wednesday, May 23

Auxiliary T-Shirts

Get yours while stocks last:


djemptyx said...

Super nice. Any info you can give on the sizes and material? Standard euro sizes? Who makes the shirt? Sizes in cm would be optimal. Large can vary even in Europe depending on manufacturer.

ASC said...

All I can say is the material is super nice, not the rough type that takes a fair few washes to feel nice. They are made by a company that ST Holdings uses, so they aren't anything like AA, or Fruit Of The Loom. I usually wear an XL, and the XL I have is a good fit. Not too tight, not too big, and doesn't hang too long. Hope that helps.

djemptyx said...

OK, sounds like a Waldorf tee i ordered last yr and that was a L and fits me nicely, real nice tee material too.

Phew, the damned GBP is going to smash my little Swedish crown budget yet ;) OK, done. Now, put this dough toward the Mindspan. But seriously,...a good cause ;)

djemptyx said...

Simply fantastic. I swear to you people, the music alone is worth the price on this deal. The T-Shirt is definitely the 'bonus' item in this case. My oh my there's a hole forming in the sky

IntraSight said...

After a mad rush, I managed to get hold of one (even though perhaps the hype was unnecessary, given the fact that they still haven't sold out as of yet) but as I pre-ordered something with it, it doesn't come until tomorrow.

As someone who is fairly tall and wide chest/shouldered, I really hope that XL is big enough, but if it's similar to my Absys tee (which was fruit of the loom) we should be alrght.

Anyway, i'm waffling. Looking forward to the t-shirt and the three tracks that came along with it were magnificent. Especially your offering.

As ever, nice work.

ASC said...

There wouldn't have been hype if they had gone on sale when they were supposed to! Glad you managed to get one, which might have been the last XL, since they are all sold out now.

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