Sunday, March 4

Symbol #5 by Method One - Out Now!

AUXSYM005 - Method One - Symbol #5
(Limited Edition Purple Vinyl, 250 copies + digital)

Here's a few reviews to whet your appetite.

If you'd like to support us directly, which means your money goes directly to the label and the artist, then please feel free to order from our official store, via Surus:

Buy here

If you'd like to listen more in depth, then feel free to check this release on our Soundcloud page.

Release date: 05/03/12


MPortBloggin said...

This is bloody fantastic. Haven't heard the name "Method One" since the 90's when I was discovering that drum n' bass thing. :)

Anonymous said...

Your wish is my command, sire. Ordered both the test press of sym005 & sym006 via Surus. Cheers.

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