Wednesday, September 14

Techno anyone?

So here it is - the first Mindspan release since 2008's 'The Aeon Expanse" LP.  This is a little 4 track experimental techno EP out soon on Slant.  It's bit more 'normal' as far as my techno goes and not quite as fuzzy and blurry as the previous Mindspan stuff, if you know what I mean!  Anyway, this will be available on MP3 shortly and then the follow up Mindspan LP 'The Second Cycle' will be released later on CD by Slant also.  More info as and when.

While I'm on the techno tip, I'll tell you about a few other releases I have coming out.  Out on Mote Evolver on September 26th is the first of 3 techno 12" releases I have lined up.  I'm releasing these three twelves under the ASC name for a few different reasons, mainly style and to differentiate from the Mindspan output, which I feel is very different.

Hot on the heels of this is a release for Perc Trax.  Revelations EP features the title track 'Revelations', 'Magnetic' and 'Capsule'.  A very different sound that I'm looking forward to getting out there.  Release date and artwork as soon as I have it.  Following this will be my second 12" for Pushing Red, which will be PR's first techno 12".  Again, more news and audio nearer the time!


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to all these releases! But hey - your tracks 'Advent/The Glow' for Pushing Red was allready Techno or am I wrong.

ASC said...

Kinda. Advent was more dubstep with techno influence, and The Glow was kinda early 90's techno.

djemptyx said...

these old walls are overanxious for the warmth

Anonymous said...

Cant wait for more Mindspan been listening to The Aeon Expanse alot lately!

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