Saturday, September 24


First thing to let you know about is there will be one more vinyl release before year end.  AUX003 has been sent off for mastering and I'm expecting test presses within a few weeks, so your probably gonna see it around about early to mid November.  I'll make the audio available on Soundcloud sometime nearer the release and drop some more info also.

The next thing I've got to tell you about is this new series I'm gonna be doing on Auxiliary Transmissions.  It's a series of what I'm calling EX.EP's - extended EP's.  Since EP, means 'Extended Play' (or Player), then this is most definitely a double extended player!  I'm refraining from calling them LP's, as they really aren't that and I don't want them classed as LP's.

Anyway...  the idea behind these musically, is to collate gems from my archive of unreleased tracks over the years.  Stuff you will have heard DJ's playing out, things that got forgotten about and generally music that I did just for the purpose of playing out with no intention to release - until now.

So first up is Archival:01 EX.EP.

The standard AUXTR EP's have been 4 track affairs, but these will feature 8 tracks - hence the EX.EP title. Anyway, enough typing for now. This is being sent off to the distributor this coming week, so as soon as I've got a release date, I'll add a track listing with audio and all other relevant info.

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