Thursday, June 2

A gaijin in Tokyo

I just got back from Tokyo a few days and I'm still on a high from the experience, so what better time to write a blog update!

First of all, I'd never been to Japan before, so I was excited from all the images and my pre-conceptions about what it was like.  The whole place is just alive.  There's always something going on and I loved that.  So anyway, I was there to play 3 gigs in the space of 5 day visit and I managed to cram a LOT into that time, mainly at the expense of sleep!
The first gig was at Module, right in the heart of Shibuya.  The club was a proper old school underground dark room with a great sound system.  Yusaku and all the staff made me feel very welcome and the event itself went amazingly well.  I played a 3 hour set, which is a rarity for me these days, but even during my sleep-deprived state, I played a varied and well balanced set that I was very happy with.

The next gig was for the mnml ssgs Sound Garden chill-out party the day after at Orbit in Sangenjaya.  This place was amazingly comfortable - like playing an intimate gig to a bunch of friends in someones living room.  I played an hours worth of material from my two ambient albums that I've yet to release and I was happy with the response.  It was the perfect setting to test out this music.

Finally, the last gig I played was at the internet club, Dommune, which is in between Roppongi and Shibuya.  This place is already famous worldwide for providing a live stream of the night which has featured some of the biggest names of Techno, so I was very honoured to be playing there.  I will admit I had a bit of trouble with my mixing this night though, as the club has a Funktion One sound system in a room that holds 50 people max!  So when it got pumped up, I was hearing the system over the booth monitor which threw me for a loop at times!  

As far as sight-seeing went, I managed to visit Shibuya, Shinjuku, Harajuku, Nakano, Shimokitazawa and Akihabara.  The Meiji JingÅ« Shrine in particular was an exhilarating experience - like nothing I've ever seen before.  I'll post up some photos on here very soon.

I feel I made a bunch of new friends on this visit and I can't wait to return and see you all again.  I'd like to thank: 

Craig for making all of this happen - it was also lovely to meet your wife, your 8-month old daughter and your mother in law
Chris & Yuri for being great hosts - you both are amazing
Conoley - thank you for being a great host too!
Russ & Yasuyo for coming out - even though Russ looked more tired than me!
Aki and the 06S crew - was great meeting you guys


Stuart said...

Sick! I can't wait to get out there.

yaagTRI said...

great stuff, how are people fairing up over there? love Tokyo!

bhbognar said...

Great to have you out here in Tokyo and see/hear you the next time! I can't believe I missed all the ambient material at Orbit, though. :\

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