Tuesday, June 14

Competition time

Up for grabs, is 1 pack of Auxiliary test pressings.  Test pressings are white label reference vinyl which are sent from the pressing plant so we can make sure the cut sounds as it should before it goes into mass production.  Here's what you'll get:

AUX001 - ASC - The Touch
AUX002 - ASC - Certainties EP
AUXSYM001 - Symbol #1 by ASC
AUXSYM002 - Symbol #2 by ASC & bvdub
AUXSYM003 - Symbol #3 by Sam KDC

To stand a chance of winning this lovely set of discs, all you have to do is follow me on Twitter, then tweet "#Aux Comp" at me, with the hash-tag.  Here's the link to my profile:

The winner will be pick at random in two weeks time (28th June).  Good luck!


ASC said...

Just to clarify, a hash-tag of #Aux Comp or #AuxComp will do!

Anonymous said...

crossing my fingers

Rokas said...

no twitter :(

ASC said...

Sign up then. No rule says you have to use it once you've followed me and entered the competition :)

matt said...

ok, so i've done exactly that....but being as dense as i am it tells me i can only message people who are following me.

ASC said...

No, you don't send a message - you just input it as your status - so for example - @ASCaux #AuxComp - that's it.

matt said...

thank you. i've managed to put my denseness to one side and i've entered now.

next request, can i win please?! ;)

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