Wednesday, April 13

On The Stereo...

Kind of a mixed bag of what's been floating my boat this week..

Tears Run Rings - A Question and an Answer
FSOL - Environments I
Pink Floyd - Comfortably Numb
Cocteau Twins - I Wear Your Ring
Sam KDC - Deceit
Fever Ray - Seven (Marcel Dettmann's Voice In My Head)
Kryptic Minds - 1000 Lost Cities
Paradox - Black 69 (Version)
Ghost Poet - Ghost Poet (dBridge's Limbo Mix)
Talking Heads - This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody)
Zola Jesus - I Can't Stand
SKV18 - Withdrawal


Alex said...

Thanks for the Tears Run Rings tip, love some good shoegaze.

ASC said...

Yeah they are great. Check out A Shoreline Dream also. The tracks Ulrich Schnauss did with them on their last LP were cool.

djemptyx said...

great tracks for listening to while waiting on the next flood. an indoor deluge gives the best crop. big fan of Robin Guthrie's solo work as well...after the Twins (Imperial, for example)

ASC said...

Yep, agreed.

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