Thursday, March 17

More old games

So I've been going back through my old consoles and finding games that I haven't touched in years, as I've been telling you about on here and on Twitter

I'd all but forgotten about Panzer Dragoon Saga, up until recently when I stumbled across an old Saturn site which reviews some of the classics from yesteryear.  Without going into too much detail about the game or trying to review it, it's basically an RPG based around the flying dragons of the first 2 games, with 2 being one of my all time faves.

Policenauts is a very niche type of game.  It's essentially a point and click adventure from Hideo Kojima of Metal Gear fame.  If you were a fan of his earlier game in a similar vein, Snatcher, then you'll already be sold on this.  Cyberpunk business to really sink your mind into.  Until recently, you couldn't really play the game at all unless you were could read Japanese, but the awesome people over at have done an amazing translation job, of which you can now patch an ISO with to play with a PS1 emulator like ePSXe, or a modded PS1.  Quality stuff.

Oh yeah, there's also this curious little title.  A Japanese only title for the Dreamcast, called Lack Of Love.  This was one of those games that I never picked up the first time around, but I'm glad I finally got the chance to play it.  It's a unique game in the way it plays out.  It doesn't tell you what to do, but the general idea is you control an organism through the various stages of evolution.  As you level up, new areas become available, you gain new abilities etc.  It's a charming little title.


~Fabi said...

I own the original copy of Panzer Dragoon for the Saturn. That shit's rare.

ASC said...

It certainly is! Keep hold of it :)

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