Wednesday, December 22

Top Ten LP's of the year

In no particular order, but this is probably my 10 fave LP releases from this year.  If you haven't heard any of them, do yourself a favour and correct that.

deepChord presents Echospace - Liumin
bvdub - The Art Of Dying Alone
Luke Abbott - Holkham Drones
36 - Hollow
Alaska - The Mesozoic Era
Turin Brakes - Outbursts
Carbon Based Lifeforms - Interloper
Sabre - A Wandering Journal
Thomas Köner - Nunatek
Four Tet - There Is Love In You


Anonymous said...

Good choice man, quite a few of these would be on my top ten and a couple i havent heard and will have to check out!

ASC said...

I think most people might be like, what the hell is Turin Brakes doing on this list?! I love them though, so that's why they are there :)

COLONY said...

This is a great list. Particularly nice to see Bvdub in there - one of the best producers around. Descent To The End is an untouchable piece of music IMHO.

Anonymous said...

uh? new blog, so!

Great list, i'll fix some lacunae. Echospace's release is huge indeed! No place for Eno, Hopkins and Abrahams on Warp?


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