Saturday, December 18

New Studio PC time

So believe it or not, the core of the ASC studio is still a P4 3.2ghz with 2gb RAM running Windows 7.  It was alright for the time, which was about 5 years ago or so, but these days it's really showing its age and struggles with the latest software and plugins.

The ultimate dilemma now is putting together a new studio PC.  Before any of you say Mac, a) I'm happy with PC thanks, b) I can get same specs for a hell of a lot cheaper, and c) Christine wants to keep it PC anyway, so it's out of the question!
Anyway, I spent about 4 hrs tonight looking over Tiger Direct where I will be definitely purchasing my parts to build a new PC.  The biggest thing at the moment is finding out what would be the best fit for audio production and my wallet.  I was checking out the AMD Phenom II X6 (six core) chips earlier and nearly sided with one, but after reading certain benchmarks, it seems that even the cheapest Intel (quad core) i7 (the 870) beats it in most tests!  It also seems like having 16gb RAM in a machine would be overkill, as most programs won't utilise it.  Whether this is correct or not, I'm not sure.

Before I bore you all to death with what I got bored to death with tonight, I guess I'll end this by asking if any of you people out there have a good recommendation on a processor/motherboard combo.



Anonymous said...

I don't have a recommendation, but since I'm on PC, and keen to look in to an upgrade early next year, be sure and post your results - since it would be good to know what you ended up getting, and whether it was up to scratch.


ASC said...

Went with the Intel i7 870, 8gb DDR3 dual channel RAM, Corsair 750W PSU, Biostar TP55 motherboard, 500gb Seagate SATA II drive and a few other bits and pieces.

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