Sunday, December 5

Moods and effects

I gotta stop writing when I'm in a funk or in a dark mood, or perhaps I should write more when I'm feeling like that?  One thing is for sure, whenever I sit down in the studio, the track is definitely influenced by how I'm feeling at the time.  I went in with the intentions of putting some lovely sounding chords and keys down and trying to build something around that.  Instead, I ended up writing bleak, dreary, dark, ominous minimal sounding stuff with lots of shuffle and noise layers.  The track is sounding great, but as I said, it just wasn't the vibe I was going for!  I have a feeling it will end up on the CD I'm doing for Auxiliary some time next year, judging by the sound of it so far.  More on that project later, as I'll probably say too much and then change my mind at some stage.

Anyway, AUX003 should be done in time for a speedy release in 2011.  It'll feature 2 tracks by me, which will be Dark Star, and a short dark ambient piece called Error Code.  On the flip, Commix will be taking on remix duties for Metronomic.  I've got no idea whether they are gonna do it at 170 or 140 yet, but I've told them to just get creative and do whatever feels right.  Whatever happens, it will be top notch no doubt.

Since I've been neglecting this blog with info and updates over the last month or so other than the sporadic posts here and there, I'll make it up by giving away a few tracks just before Christmas.  2010 has been a great year for me, so what better way to thank you all for your support than some music for free, right?  Yeah, I think so too.

Right, I'm off to bed.


Anonymous said...

I share the same problem when writing - it's all about my mood and how I feel. It can sometimes have adverse but advantageous effects though. It does make writing for a particular style or theme more difficult though.

Anonymous said...

Big up ASC! :)

Kait K. said...

I have the same problem when drawing. but its worse. often i end up with lot of crap. and in this field, its really hard to not stress out and keep the good mood.

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