Friday, August 13


Test presses of AUX001 have been completed.  I'm waiting for delivery of them, which should be any day now.  It's looking likely an early September release date will be the one, providing no recuts are needed.  AUX002 is also in the works.  I'm about 95% certain of the track list, but I just need to sit down and go through the tracks once again and make sure it's gonna be the right choice.  Just to let you know, it will be a single 12" with 2 tracks per side.  I know some vinyl heads say this reduces overall volume of the cut, but let me assure you, I've taken this into consideration.

Check out this link for more information of the optimal length per side for best results when pressing to vinyl:

Since the majority of the tracks I intend to release are around the 5 min mark, it will keep the total length per side well under the optimal length for the best volume for a cut.

Anyway, more info soon, and more than likely, I'll put the clips up for AUX002 once AUX001 is in the stores.  Only thing I will say is Reality Check will be on 002...

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Will said...

"Reality Check will be on 002..."

thats great to hear

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