Friday, July 2

Music For Pictures

It gives me great pleasure to announce a project I've been working away on for most of this year so far ; Music For Pictures.

It's a library that was written with TV, movies, adverts and trailers in mind.  Each piece is short in length, usually clocking in at around about the 2 minute mark on average, and the library covers a bunch of themes, emotions, tempos and moods.  There's 33 tracks in this library - 15 original pieces, and then 18 alternative versions in total.  The company behind this is Jeff Rona's Liquid Cinema.  For those of you who may not be clued up on the name, check out his IMDB profile for his impressive resume:

Originally, this project was only going to be offered exclusively to film studios, TV networks and such via EMI, but Jeff thought it might be wise to make it available for download also via iTunes, so for those of you who might be interested in getting hold of this, it should be publicly available early August.  Of course, I'll keep my blog updated with further developments.
Anyway, this is the first project of this kind for me, and will be my first foray into soundtrack and film score work.  Finally, for all the Eno fans out there, the title of the library and the simple design of the art are in homage to Eno's 1978 album entitled Music For Films.


Paul Reset said...

Very nice! Look forward to checking it out!

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djemptyx said...

smitten with intrigue. i am very anxious to hear all 33 degrees of it.

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