Friday, July 9


I'm not gonna say the usual crap about how 'I thought it was the right time' or how it's 'time to expand on this and that', but I am starting a new label.

The label will have all sorts of music on it, but at first I'm mainly using this as an outlet for my own productions.  Auxiliary is the name of the label.

AUX001 - ASC - The Touch / The Touch (Vaccine feat. Riya Remix)
Starting as I mean to go on with what has turned out to be a very popular tune over the last year and a bit, The Touch finally sees a release.  It's become a bit of an autonomic anthem and Vaccine's lush 140 retake on the flip enlists the vocal talents of Riya, and makes sure that this plate gets maximum exposure from heads pushing different tempos.

The good people at S.T. Holdings will be handling the distribution for the vinyl and the digital side of things, so keep your eyes peeled for more news, as 001 is not far away. 

If you haven't heard these two tracks yet, then go here:

Auxiliary Soundcloud

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djemptyx said...

artistically suave sound and identity. anxious to follow the progession of a new label bearing such limitless potential. bring it

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