Thursday, June 3

Nothing Is Certain - PREVIEW

Audio previews for all of the tracks (except Oort Cloud, cos it's short) are now online on Fairtilizer.

Check the embedded player below and use the PREV/NEXT TRACK buttons to skip between the tracks.

Here's the running order once again:

12" Sampler: (NONPLUS006):

A1 - Phobos
A2 - Oort Cloud
AA - Matter Of Time


01 - Midnight
02 - Absent Mind
03 - Fade Away Sessions feat. Consequence)
04 - Lost For Words
05 - The Depths
06 - Textura
07 - Losing You
08 - The Ubiquity Incident
09 - Yatta
10 - Matter Of Time
11 - Opus (feat. Vaccine)
12 - Conversations
13 - Microsia

3 x Vinyl: (NONPLUSLP001)

A - Absent Mind
B - Fade Away Seasons (feat. Consequence)
C - Lost For Words
D - The Depths
E - The Ubiquity Incident
F - Opus (feat. Vaccine)

If for whatever reason you are having trouble with the embedded Fairtilizer player, then here's a link to the playlist on the Fairtilizer site:


djemptyx said...

The thing's hollow...
It goes on forever...
Oh my God,
it's full of stars!

Dan said...

Matter of time is quite simply one of the most well put together pieces of music I have heard in years. It brings a tear to my eyes in parts. Well done on the whole thing chief.

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