Friday, May 7

Deep Space Mix 14

Hot on the heels of my recent studio mix comes part 14 in the 'Deep Space' mix series.  This one has been a long time coming, as I just haven't had the time to devote to these mixes over the last 8-9 months.  I've added it to my Fairtilizer page and you can also stream it direct here, via the player below:
If you'd prefer not to stream, then either click the download arrow on the player above, or follow this link and grab a copy:

Track list (also in ID3 tag):

01 – Brian Eno – 2M1
02 – Carbon Based Lifeforms – Contaminated Area (Extract)
03 – H.U.V.A Network – Processing Lights
04 – Brian Eno – 3M1
05 – Gas – Untitled 7 (Zauberberg)
06 – Murcof – Ulysses (Deathprod Mix)
07 – World’s End Girlfriend – Yes
08 – Robert Fripp & Brian Eno – Tarazed
09 – Jami Sieber – Tell It By Heart
10 – Turin Brakes – Sunjets
11 – Cliff Martinez – The Compact
12 – Grouper – We’ve All Gone To Sleep
13 – Manual – Tourmaline
14 – Yagya – Rigning Einn
15 – Rhythm & Sound – Imprint

Seems like this month is 'mix month'.  Also on it's way is a multi-genre hour long podcast I have promised for my good friends Club Muse of Los Angeles.  I'll post about that once it's up and ready for your listening pleasure.


funk tone said...

great mix! thank you

Антон said...


paul_m_86 said...

If you missed any of the previous deep space mixes you can download them all here -

djemptyx said...

a mix for staring out of windows (which is what i did for for the better part of it). and there's not a better way to finish off a quiet ethereal mix than with that dubby midnight soup courtesy of yagya/rhythm n sound. thks for the ride

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