Thursday, March 4

Studio Mix - March 2010



MNIAL said...

simply WOW

sashasystem said...

Quality as per usual blud. Tracklist this up!


OH MAN! What a mix this is! Will be in the player for many moons to come. Absolutely lovely!

Anonymous said...


djemptyx said...

thank you for sharing this wonderful full-hour mix. it's 1am & we're using the low Hz and other necessary noises to keep us warm in our ole swedish farm house. the consistency in selections and fluid mixing made this quite the pleasurable listen. 'let the bass kick' ~ jasound @

somejerk said...

what's up with a tracklisting?

ASC said...

Sorry, but no tracklist just yet. Too many upfront tracks that certain people don't want ID'ing just yet. All in good time.

Subvert HQ said...

one_uknw said...

lamb remix is hot!

Ben Johnstone said...

How about now for a tracklist? I'm totally in love with 40 - 44 mins. Feels like one seemless euphoric track but suspect it might be two tracks mixed wonderfully but either way, what is it / are they?

Ben Johnstone said...

How about the tracklist now? I'm completely in love with minutes 40-44. Wonderfully euphoric walk - what is it? Suspect possibly two tracks but mixed to absolute perfection - please help! x

ASC said...

I think this is the correct listing:

01 - ASC - Solarcoaster [Unreleased]
02 - Consequence - Marlo [Exit]
03 - Instra:mental - Sunk Lo [Unreleased]
04 - ASC - Neptune [Unreleased]
05 - Stray - Silence [Unreleased]
06 - ASC - Reach Out [Unreleased]
07 - Blocks - Undercurrent [Horizons]
08 - ASC - Red Sand [Unreleased]
09 - They Live - Pure Palms [Autonomic]
10 - ASC - Another Late Night [Auxiliary]
11 - KMC - Parsec [Deep Micro Beats]
12 - DJG - Hydrate [Warm Communications]
13 - Felix K - Recognition [31]
14 - Instra:mental - Untitled [Unreleased]
15 - ASC - Losing You [Nonplus]
16 - ASC - Let The Bass Kick [Unreleased]
17 - Vaccine - Oubliette [Unreleased]
18 - ASC - Spectrum [Auxiliary]

Some of these are probably out now, some not. I'm sure you can all work out what is and isn't.

Astral_Traveller said...

Thanks for the tracklist. :)

Ben Johnstone said...

The track was DJG - Hydrate. Wonderful mix with that as my highlight. Thank you sir. Are you still releasing Autonomic sets?


ASC said...

@Ben - no, I've moved on years ago. Not my thing anymore, sorry.

Ben Johnstone said...

A personal shame but thought as much from your more recent output. You probably hear this a lot, but I must state it nonetheless:
Autonomic has represented the richest musical experience of my life so far, and I'm from a very musical family (mother music teacher, grandfather noteworthy english classical composer of the mid 20th century, father sound engineer, brother amazing composer and producer). Your production and track selection has, and always will, occupy an enormous segment of my appreciation of music generally. It's hard to articulate, but the profundity of aural experience offered to me by this genre you pioneered, enhanced somehow in my head by the knowledge of your wife's privileged (and I hope trouble free) experience of the aural world when I listen to Autonomic music, completes my soul - thank you.


ASC said...

That's great to hear, thanks. I was thinking recently I may put a bunch of unreleased music from that time up for free download when I have time to go back through the archives. We'll see!

subhanjalal123 said...

I hope I'm not asking in the wrong place but any chance of a re-upload? I'd love to hear this mix and I can't seem to find it anywhere. The sendspace link seems to be expired as well.

subhanjalal123 said...

I have since found a link (on DOA), thanks nonetheless for approving my previous comment.

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