Monday, March 29

Mindspan - The Aeon Expanse LP

Just been cleaning up the studio tonight and I've found 9 sealed shrink wrapped copies of the LP on CD.  This was a successful ambient/dub techno project I put together a few years back, which sold out.  These remaining copies are from my personal collection.  If you are interested, drop me an email at - EDIT: I have no more copies left.

Also, I had been working on a follow up to this for some time, but never got round to finishing it.  It's now complete and I'm looking for a way of getting it out.  More news if and when it happens. 

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Dia said...

I've just come across your music on rapidshare and I really liked it. I have an hour long ambient timeslot on a Hungarian radio station and I edited your music into tomorrow's selection. I hope you don't mind... I also hope that you'll produce more music like this because I think that it is absolutely great!

Kind regards,

on behalf of my boyfriend Kaszi, Dia

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