Sunday, February 14

Studio bizzle and other random stuff

Huge studio session this week.  7 days of solid work and I feel like I've got some good results to show for it so far.  I can't wait to have this new one ready to drop on Toronto next Saturday night - codename: bass heavy. 

I'm sat here listening to Clint Mansell's OST for The Fountain, just amazed at the beauty of the music and how it works so well with the film.  I should really get to bed, but I need to hear this right now as it's been too long!  Sleep can wait.

Valentines Day tomorrow, well right now actually, should be a good one.  Treating Christine to this Versace purse that she's had her eye on.  Nothing else to report really, so I'm gonna sit here and absorb Clint Mansell's masterpiece.

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