Friday, February 12

Free tunes from last year

I was generous enough to give way three of my audio compositions last year.  I like that; audio composition.  It sounds totally professional.  In fact, I'm gonna stop referring to everything as tracks or tunes from now on.  Look out on AIM, cos I will only be accepting audio compositions, not tunes.  Yeah.  Anyway, I digress, and I'm typing absolute codshite.  So, without further ado, here's the linkage:
The Narrows

Fairbanks was an experimental version of Focus Inwards, but more centered around droning meditation music.  Hardly likely anyone was gonna pick it up for release, so I thought it would be wise that you could all hear it for free.  Personally, I love it, but then again, I'm my own biggest fan!  Woooo!  Ahem.   After Hours was signed to 31 along with another tune I did called Treadstone, but I canceled the release when I signed with NonPlus+, so now it's yours to own in all it's fabulous digital glory - all three hundred and twenty kilobytes per second of it!  Oh yeah, The Narrows.  Clicks and shit.  Nice.

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