Thursday, February 11

Feb Top Ten

I just realised that I haven't done a top ten in a long time.  Usually, I can't be bothered with them anymore, as on forums they usually turn into a 'look who's on my AIM list' thread, but since I'm trying to get things moving with content for this blog, then what the hell!  Crazy huh!?

In no particular order:

Instra:mental - Catch A Whisper
Alaska - Denali's Realm
ASC - Black Hole Collapse
Instra:mental - Sunk Lo
dBridge - Cold Hands
Signal & Brandon Riggs - Cliche
dBridge - Love Hotel
Consequence -  Marlo
Vaccine - Untitled
ASC & Vaccine - Somnolence

Is that 10?  Yeah I think that will do.  I think I might do a post later with some really inspirational/influential tunes for me including YouTube videos.  Now wouldn't that be great?  Well I think so, so I'm gonna do it anyway.

Oh yeah, Autonomic Studio Mix Pt.2 coming soon and if I have the time, Deep Space Mix 14.


Augure said...


I don't if you read comments on old post but I'll try: do you know where to find dBridge's - Cold Hands?

It's impossible to find :/ (you, instras and db love to do that don't you:)

ASC said...

It was never released. Sorry!

Augure said...

Arf a shame :/

But I can understand the move...Autonomic Layers are one of the rare podcast that I keep coming back too :)


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