I've launched a brand new label called Spatial, with the focus being on the mid 90's atmospheric drum & bass scene. The ethos will be strictly about breakbeats, luscious pads, heavy 808 bass, while keeping the tempo a sensible 160bpm.
First three releases are:
SPTL001 - ASC - Sphere Of Influence
SPTL002 - ASC - Confluence Of Light
SPTL003 - Aural Imbalance - Utopian Society, Volume One
Vinyl for all three is available to pre-order right now, and also available in a bundle with t-shirt and holographic limited edition label logo stickers.
I've put together a Linktree with all essential pre-order links:
Check out the website too for audio clips and promo videos:
Hope you're all as excited about bringing back this form or music as I am.


orangescre4m said...

Yes Yes! I'm Excited!

Unknown said...

Oh my...these are hitting all the right notes for me. You and Simon Huxtable are my 2 favorite producers and I have always been a sucker for lush, atmospheric DnB so umm yes please.

Bboy Arctic said...

Heard it, just blasted my ears off! Like an overwhelming breeze. ("The Arcane")✌️ hats off to you!

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