Thursday, February 11


'Nothing Is Certain' has been completed and mastered.  There's a couple of clips from the LP sampler on Soundcloud now (check the link section - lower right) for a taster of Phobos & Matter Of Time.  Anyone who has already heard the FabricLive 50 CD, will already be familiar with Phobos & The Ubiquity Incident, which also features on the LP.  There will be more clips going up over the coming weeks and more information about the album and the artwork and all the other important things, such as release dates etc.  I'll post more when it's time!

As for my all of my projects this year, here's what you can expect right now:

NONPLUS006 - ASC - Nothing Is Certain LP Sampler
NONPLUSLP001 - ASC - Nothing Is Certain LP & CD
AUTONOMIC003 - ASC - The Touch / Starkwood (I think this is 003!  I'll edit if it changes!)

Then there's a bunch of other stuff waiting in the wings, but it would be jumping the gun to let you all know about plans that aren't 100% confirmed yet!  but look out for more music on Autonomic, NonPlus+ & Exit this year.

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