Thursday, February 11

Autonomic Podcast ID's

I'll start giving out a few ID's for my own tunes featured in the podcasts from time to time on here.  Let's start with Layers 3 and 5:

Layer 3 you should all know and probably own by now, but if not:
18:38 - ASC - Porcelain [NONPLUS003]

Layer 5 has 4 of my tracks in, only one released so far though:
18:17 - ASC - The Touch [AUTONOMIC003] (Forthcoming)
20:54 - ASC - Starkwood [AUTONOMIC003] (Forthcoming)
35:15 - ASC - Absent Mind [NONPLUSLP001] (Forthcoming)
39:11 - ASC - Focus Inwards [NONPLUS003]

I'll do an update with Layers 7 & 8 when it's safe to let the cat out of the bag!

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